Edwin Hubert Henderson Architect

This site is dedicated to the life and work of Edwin Hubert Henderson, architect (1885-1939). Henderson was Chief Architect of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1929-1939.

His Works

Henderson was responsible for a wide variety of architectural designs during his career, including:

  • Commonwealth Banks
  • Post Offices
  • Telephone Exchanges
  • Homes for public servants in Canberra and Darwin (including his own home)
  • Extensions to Government House, Yarralumla
  • Public buildings in Canberra, including the National Library, the Manuka Pool and Canberra High School

Henderson also designed the Golden Key used by the Duke of York to open Parliament House in 1927.

Post Offices

Henderson’s designs for the Post-Master General’s Department include:

  • Sydney GPO Extension (see separate post)
  • Bondi Beach Post Office (see separate post)
  • North Sydney Telephone Exchange
  • Hawthorn Telephone Exchange
  • Sydney City East Telephone Exchange

4 comments on “His Works

  1. Sandra Crofts
    November 15, 2015

    Good luck with your project, it sounds very interesting.
    I am researching post offices in NSW. According to info gained from the Aust Post website, E. H. Henderson has been nominated as being the architect for the Cronulla and Bondi Beach post offices. Are you aware of any other post offices he designed?


    • midcenturymatters
      January 5, 2016

      Hi Sandra, the Haymarket Post Office in George St is a notable Henderson post office and is listed on the NSW Heritage Register. The records of the AIA indicate that he also designed the former William St post office in Sydney. In his nomination as a fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1929, Henderson lists himself as designing “small post offices NSW” but without elaboration. His work on post offices was mentioned by one of his nominators for his fellowship.


  2. Ian Stephenson
    June 10, 2020

    The McMaster Animal Health Laboratory for the CSIR at the University of Sydney which was opened in 1931 is another major work.


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