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This site is dedicated to the life and work of Edwin Hubert Henderson, architect (1885-1939). Henderson was Chief Architect of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1929-1939.

Fortitude Valley Commonwealth Bank

I have found a new addition to the list of Commonwealth Banks designed by EH Henderson – this time in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

The National Archives in Brisbane have a file with Henderson’s sketch of the proposed new Commonwealth Bank building to be erected at 195 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. The site is just down from the corner of Brunswick Street, and from McWhirters, the Valley’s most prominent department store.

Henderson’s sketch and plans, dated October 1934, were accepted by the Bank though they opted to remove the flag pole which is a bit disappointing (though they rightfully said it was difficult to access). The bank also substituted terrazo floors for rubber tiles, again disappointing from an aesthetic point of view.

The Bank accepted a tender from Kelly and Rigby to build the bank for £8,500 in March 1935.

Showing just how much the little things matter, a third male staff toilet was added to the design at the insistence of the manager as well as a larger strong room. The Bank was clearly concerned to keep its local managers happy.

This building has been demolished though I do not know when. If you know of photos of the branch, please let me know.

Sources: NAA J619 1935/635

One comment on “Fortitude Valley Commonwealth Bank

  1. Leona Geeves
    January 1, 2021

    Could the tender be from Kell and Rigby? BTW I would still like to be in touch with Muriel’s nephew please. best wishes, Leona

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