Edwin Hubert Henderson Architect

This site is dedicated to the life and work of Edwin Hubert Henderson, architect (1885-1939). Henderson was Chief Architect of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1929-1939.

Henderson’s Family

24 Grasmere St GatesheadEdwin Hubert Henderson was born on April 6, 1885 in Gateshead, Durham.  His father was Edwin Nicholas Lindsay Henderson (born 1862) and his mother, Mary Agnes Henderson (nee Rowe) (born 1864).

Henderson had 3 siblings for which I have records:

– Agnes (born 1895),

– Norman (born 1897) and

– Frederick (born 1901).

The family lived at 24 Grasmere Street, Gateshead (pictured).

Henderson senior was a bank clerk and later branch manager at the National Provincial Bank (later Natwest).   The family was doing well enough to have a domestic servant (Ella Watson) in 1901.

Mrs Henderson was born in London, Stockton.  Her parents were Frances and Agnes Rowe.

Henderson’s maternal grandfather was Edwin Henderson who was born around 1826 in Morpeth, Northumberland and died in 1907.  In 1843, Edwin Henderson married Jane Marshall (born 1824) at All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and had 5 children:

– Anne E Henderson (born 1851) who appears to have lived with her parents for most of her life

– Mary J Henderson (born 1853)

– Lydia A Henderson (born 1860)

– Edwin Nicholas Lindsay Henderson (1862)

– Frederick James Henderson (1868)

Do you know more about the Henderson family?   If so, please contact me.


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