Edwin Hubert Henderson Architect

This site is dedicated to the life and work of Edwin Hubert Henderson, architect (1885-1939). Henderson was Chief Architect of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1929-1939.

RMC Duntroon

The Royal Military College (“Duntroon”) in Canberra is Australia’s version of West Point, where the future leadership of the armed forces is trained

The RMC was established in 1911, primarily in temporary buildings and in the Campbell Homestead and surrounding buildings.  Over time, the college expanded with buildings in a range of styles.

Henderson designed a series of buildings for the RMC in the 1930s.  This included six buildings to accommodate cadets, completed in 1936.  These buildings centred on the Flag Station Mast and Memorials.  A seventh building was added in 1939.

Ken Charlton describes the style of the buildings:

“They have a Mediterranean character, due to the gabled, red terracotta-tiled roofs and the stone coloured roughcast walls. Symmetry is stricter in individual facades, which have Georgian-style fenestrations, than in the planning.

“Art deco decorative touches are evident in wall vents and friezes, particularly on the porch of the Corps of Staff Cadets Headquarters…The effect is appropriate, both for the military and the Federal Capital” (2001:63).

Image: army.gov.au








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