Edwin Hubert Henderson Architect

This site is dedicated to the life and work of Edwin Hubert Henderson, architect (1885-1939). Henderson was Chief Architect of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1929-1939.

About this site

This site is dedicated to the memory of the Principal Architect of the Commonwealth of Australia (1929-1939), Edwin Hubert Henderson.  Henderson was responsible for a number of notable buildings across Australia, but particularly in Canberra.  He tragically took his own life in 1939 following the Royal Commission into the Contract for the Extension of the Sydney GPO.

I am writing a book on Henderson’s life and works.  If you can help, please contact me.  My email is paulmartyn2004@yahoo.com.au.

4 comments on “About this site

  1. Albert Hickson
    December 30, 2017

    What was Henderson’s correct title? Was he Chief Architect or Principal Architect?
    In short – the press routinely referred to the position that Henderson occupied (going back to his predecessor John Smith Murdoch) as Chief Architect. Henderson’s actual title was Principal Designing Architect until sometime between 1935-8, when it was formally changed to Chief Architect.

    It is clear that at least until 1935 or so, the actual title was Principal Designing Architect (The Government Gazette records this title on 18 October 1935). In that same year, Henderson made a submission to the Public Service Arbitrator that the title should change to Chief Architect (Canberra Times 20 July 1935 page 1).

    When the Department of Works was reconstituted out of the Department of the Interior in December 1938, Henderson’s title is referred to as Chief Architect (Gazette, 8 December 1938). After his death in June 1939, the position was advertised as Chief Architect in the Gazette on 28 July 1939.


  2. Leona Geeves
    August 13, 2019

    Hello, I was investigating via Trove, Mrs Muriel Henderson, who was a very dear friend of my late mother’s. She used to give me wonderful books when I was a child. I think she lived in the flat above us in Elsternwick. I was amazed when I googled her late husband and found this. I was an architectural librarian, but had also worked in Canberra at the National Library, and my late father worked in the ABC studios in Sydney. There seems to be no mention of her on this website!


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